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5 More Reasons

5 more reasons


5 More Reasons to Join the Two Marines Moving Team


#1 Get paid to work out

Moving is tough business; there’s no doubt about it.  But a perk of being a mover is that you’re going to burn some calories.  A typical day out in the field is between 5-10 hours of lifting, carrying, and moving with a purpose.  Besides the military and pro-sports, how many jobs do you get paid to stay in shape?


#2 Culture Fit

We hire from our own ranks.  All of our individual stories are unique, but they’re all similar.  We provide the best service, by hiring the best that know a thing or two about service.   Want to fight and win as a team? Dedicated, motivated, and a team player looking to improve yourself and those around you?  Then we want you!


#3 Training and Professional Development

We don’t just hire veterans; we develop and help grow them too.  We invest in our team. Training opportunities include driver training, advanced CDL driver training, supervisor, and management training.


#4 Growth Opportunities

The company has made INC Magazine’s list of fastest-growing-privately-held-companies in America 3 consecutive years.  Our HQ operation operates out of Alexandria, VA and services the Washington D.C. area community. With the recent opening of our second location in Miami, we now run a national operation.  That growth means there’s opportunities for your advancement.


#5 Veteran Safety Net

TMM has provided a safety net for our veterans for nearly a decade.  We’ve had service members bounce between active and reserve status, while picking up shifts at TMM during their time between orders.   Many of our veterans go into contract work, but might spend weeks or a few months in between contracts…and there’s always a home for them to come back to in between those times here at TMM.  We simply ask that you keep your honor clean, show up on time, and show up ready to work. If you’re reading this, you know the drill, haha.


Top 5 Reasons to Join Two Marines Moving

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