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Team Member Profiles

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Common Team Member Profiles

In the Delayed Entry Program, active duty, reserve, prior service, or retired?  We’ve got an employment type that fits your life!


Waiting for a police academy start date, a special clearance, or that big job opportunity?  Between your EAS date and your the start date of your new gig, you’ve still got bills to pay.  And TMM is here to provide employment during those uncertain time periods. We offer flexible scheduling, allowing you to plan ahead to take days off for interviews. Schedule yourself for as many days as possible to maximize your overtime pay from TMM, or schedules as few days as possible to maximize your job search.  Either way, we’re flexible and can do our part to help make it work.

Student Status

Work your work days at TMM around your school schedule.  Go to school Monday/Wed/Friday and work at Two Marines Moving Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.  Exam time? Take a couple of extra days off to prepare. Summer? Work at TMM full time and max out your over-time during our busiest season of the year.  Whether you are going to school online or on-campus, there’s a schedule that fits your needs at TMM.

The BAH that accompanies the Post 9/11 GI Bill is generous, but you’re still going to need something else to avoid that rainy day.

Weekend Warriors

In the Reserves or National Guard?  Excellent! You’re still going to need a full time gig, or at least a part time one, if you’re also going to school.  Drill weekend and 2 weeks of Annual Training a year? We know the drill.   Work any of your non-drilling days at TMM.

Active Duty

Active Duty?  Available to work weekends, a couple of 72’s, and a 96 every now and then?  We’ve got slots for you. The weekends are typically the busiest time of the week for us.  Whether you’re looking to supplement your active-duty pay with “extra money” for a child’s tuition, a down payment on a house, or for that Harley/crotch rocket…we’ve got your six.  


Ready to hit work hard, rack up the over-time, take on new responsibilities, and earn promotions? Pass our requirements, and we’ve got positions available with a quick turnaround time, steady work, immediate bonus potential, and opportunities for advancement.


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