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Employment FAQ

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Employment FAQ

10 Questions about Employment at TMM

Who qualifies for employment at TMM?

We hire from all four military branches (Marines, Army, Navy, Air-Force). We also employ our brothers and sisters from the Coast Guard, Reserves, and National Guard. ROTC and first responders are encouraged to apply. We even hire those that have taken their oath at MEPPS, but are still awaiting shipment to boot camp/ basic/ OCS. Dependants are part of our family as well and we’ve got positions open and available.

Do you ever hire those with no military affiliation?

We do make exceptions to our policies from time to time for exceptionally qualified candidates.

Where are you located?

We have two locations. Our original and HQ unit is located in Alexandria, Virginia. Our new second location is located in Doral, FL.

What are common roles at TMM?

+Team Leader
+Crew Chief
+Warehouse Manager
+Forklift Operator
+Operations Manager
+Moving Consultant
+Sales Manager
+Junior Recruiter
+Senior Recruiter

Do I need my DD-214?

Yes, if you’ve gone off active duty orders you’ll have a DD-214. Please bring with your resume to your interview. If you are on active duty you should already have your ID on you.

What if I have an other than honorable discharge?

An honorable discharge is preferred. Integrity is at the cornerstone of everything we do at Two Marines Moving, and we rely upon it to be a cohesive team. However, we make exceptions to the strong preference for an honorable discharge. We also consider the severity of the infraction, the length of time since the infraction, and your record of character and work.

What if I received a medical discharge?

Not a problem. As long as it doesn’t prevent you from performing your job duties, you’re more than welcome to earn a spot on our team.

What’s appropriate attire for the interview?

If you are applying for a mover position, business casual is the uniform of the day.
If you are applying for a management/office position it’s business professional.

What are the work hours?

They vary depending on the position and your type of employment. We have full time, part time, weekend only, and transitional positions open. Apply or ask one of our recruiters for more information.

How do I apply?

Apply Now!

5 More Questions about Employment at Two Marines Moving

What are 5 reasons to work at Two Marines Moving?

Top 5 Reasons to Join Two Marines Moving

Are there opportunities for promotion?

Yes. This is our 10th year in business, but we’re still growing. Opportunities for promotion are available for those that demonstrate proficiency in their current position, the right attitude, and desire to better themselves while meeting the companies missions, Good management is recognized. Good leadership is recognized.

What if I’m using the GI Bill to attend college?

That’s great! Scheduling for movers is very flexible. You actually pick the days you work for any given month, by completing your availability schedule no later than the 20th of the month prior. Example: Go to school MWF and work at Two marines Moving on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Go ahead and schedule yourself to work a little less during exam time, and a lot more during summer break.

Are there fringe benefits?

Yes. We offer a health care stipend after a probationary period for our full time staff. There’s additional benefits. Ask one of our recruiters for details!

How do I apply?

Apply Now!