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Two Marines Moving offers a cost-effective moving and storage solution. Whether you need storage solutions for a few weeks, months, or even years…..we’ve got you covered! Two Marines Moving provides the truck, muscle, and any number of storage vaults that best fit your needs. We’ll deliver the containers, load them, and bring them back to our secure and meticulously maintained warehouse for safe keeping. Simply give us a call when you are ready for a delivery and we’ll schedule your unload. With a traditional storage option your furniture and items must be loaded into the truck, unloaded into the storage unit, eventually loaded back into the truck, and finally into your new location. With Two Marines Moving the labor time is cut by 50%….saving you $$$! You don’t have to pay for the extra handling of your belongings – this also reduces the risk of damages (the less handling there is, the less chance there is for items to be dropped, scratched, etc).

Home Staging

U.S. research based on real-estate agents’ surveys shows that home staging can reduce a listing’s time on the market by one third to half, and could fetch as much as 10-15% more than a home not properly staged.
  • Two Marines Moving delivers the requested number of containers.
  • Two Marines Moving loads your unit(s). Then we’ll store it at our warehouse in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • Two Marines Moving will make your unit(s) available at our warehouse any time during normal business hours. Just give us a call to schedule.
  • When your house is sold, Two Marines Moving can return your unit to be unloaded by by our staff at your new home or it can continue to be stored at the warehouse.


Is the “Paper Monster” taking over your office? Tame the Beast by having Two Marines Moving load your files into containers for secure long-term storage.
  • We’ll deliver the right number of units to store your items.
  • Two Marines Moving brings your items back to our secure warehouse.
  • Unlike most traditional storage facilities there are no shared hallways, unloading ramps, and elevators.

Temporary & Long-Term Storage

  • Two Marines Moving will deliver a container to your residence or business.
  • Two Marines Moving carefully loads the container by protecting all furniture with heavy duty moving blankets.
  • Flexible options allow for warehouse storage for as little as a few days or for as long as you’d like.
  • Two Marines Moving delivers your unit(s) to your desired location and unloads your items.
  • Save on labor by only having to load and unload the unit once versus multiple trips to a traditional storage unit.
  • Ideal for clients that are traveling out of the country for extended periods of time, large contracting jobs, situations where you won’t need to get to the contents of your unit for extended periods of time, and much more!
Our containers are sized to hold 1 to 1.5 rooms’ worth of furniture (40-50 medium boxes). One of our moving consultants can help you determine the number of containers you’ll need. Our containers measure 5′x7′x7’5″ (LxWxH) feet. That measures out to about 275 cubic feet.
Containers Holds About Cubic Feet
1-2 Dorm room to small studio 275-550
2-3 1 Bedroom APT 550-825
3-4 2 Bedroom APT 825-1,100
4-5 3 Bedroom Townhouse 1,100-1,375
5-7 3 Bedroom Single Family House 1,375-1,925
Need more? The beauty of our containers is that you can order as many as you need. What does it cost?
  • Each container is only $59 per month.
  • $9 per month per container for Full Valuation enhanced protection (optional)
  • $1.25 monthly for one high quality double stitched moving blanket. We advise 1 dozen blankets per container.
  • Your labor costs to load/unload the units will be determined by the amount of time it takes to safely move and secure your belongings. Fill out our request-a-quote form online or give us a call today!