Two Marines Moving

10 Reasons to Hire TMM


1) Integrity

Integrity is one of our Core Values and is cornerstone of every interaction and everything we do.

2) Experience

Experience matters.The Company has been in business for 10 years, has completed over 40,000+ Moving Missions, and completes 300+ moves a month.  When you hire Two Marines Moving you are hiring the experts that can and will make your move a success.

3) Punctuality

We aim to arrive on time or early. At Two Marines Moving, we hit our targets.

4) Proficiency

Our movers are trained on the ins-and-outs of moving to minimize damage and maximize efficiencies using industry leading best practices.

5) Professionalism

Hearing “Yes Sir” and “Yes Ma’am” throughout your move might be uncommon with the typical moving company, but it’s anything but atypical at Two Marines Moving.  We deliver results with a smile and a “My Pleasure.”

6) Incredibly low damage Claims

The typical moving company averages a 20% damage claims ratio.  1 out of 5 moves necessitates a claim with the “other guys”. Two Marines Moving averages below 3%.  In that one metric alone, we are almost 700% better than the competition. We complete several hundred moves every month.  Two Marines Moving can’t guarantee no damages on every move, but we train and work hard to prevent them happening in the first place.

7) You’re protected

Your home/office will be properly protected with door protection and floor protection per Company Standard Operating Procedures.  All of your furniture will be professionally and fully wrapped with high quality moving blankets to ensure protection during movement and transit.  If you hire us for packing services, then our team will pack your items to minimize any possibility of damages.

8) Employee Incentives that match the job

All of our movers and managers are paid a bonus for completing 15 consecutive moves without any damages.  We are a meritocracy at Two Marines Moving and believe in rewarding a job well done.

9) People

Our #1 asset at TMM isn’t our trucks, forklifts, or equipment.  Our #1 asset is our people, who we hire! Fully 1/2 of our movers have an active or past security clearance.  The average security clearance costs $7,000. You’re not going to find the type of security you get at Two Marines Moving at another moving company!

10) Hire a Team that Served to Support & Serve you

Two Marines Moving knows a thing or two about service.  We are trained to operate as a highly productive team in the military. Ever seen a Battalion move together while marching as if it’s just one individual?  Hire our team to support you and your team!