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Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

Two Marines Moving provides long distance moving services coast to coast in all the lower 48 states.  We were once trusted to protect and defend our country, now you can trust us to move your most prized possessions.

When moving with Two Marines you can expect a dedicated moving consultant, guaranteed price, and a team of professionals to handle your items with care.  You can trust that TMM will expertly protect, wrap, load, and transport your items to their final destination in a timely fashion.

5 advantages of using Two Marines Moving for your long distance relocation:

  • Integrity with a Guaranteed Price: You know the exact price of your move to the last penny before we start the move.  Most moving companies provide a price based on an estimate of weight or cubic feet that changes (usually higher) once the truck is taken to a weigh station.  With Two Marines Moving, as long as the basic parameters of your move don’t change, neither does the price. We always do what we say and Two Marines is always PUNCTUAL, PROFICIENT, and PROFESSIONAL
  • Expedited Transportation:  Two Marines Moving offers the option of expedited transportation. We’ll dedicate our team to planning out your moving mission to avoid costly and timely delays. Think of us as having the “overnight delivery option” while others in our industry are stuck in the pony express days.
  • Single Point of Contact:  Because of the simplicity of our expedited service we will typically assign the same Crew Chief/ Driver to handle your entire move.  Your Crew Chief will be responsible for leading his team on protecting your items, loading, driving, and the final placement of your items at their destination.
  • Service-oriented: At Two Marines Moving we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer care.  You and your belongings are going to be respected.  You can expect a timely arrival, expert wrapping and protection of your belongings, and the quality that comes along with hiring a team of professionals that truly care about making your move a stress-free experience. Not to mention 1 out of 2 team members hold a security clearance. So you know you can trust us.
  • Low Damage Claims: You can find other companies that offer a cheaper price to conduct your move.  But as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.  According to our industry trade group the average moving company has a 20% damage claim rate.  That’s literally damage being reported 1 out of 5 moves.  Two Marines Moving has a 2% damage claims rate.  You might save a couple of hundred dollars with another company, but is it really worth it if you run a much higher risk of something being heavily damaged or broken?  We’ve accomplished such a feat by hiring the right people that care about your stuff, properly training them, and incentivizing them by paying a bonus for every 20 moves completed without damage.

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