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Local Moving

Two Marines Moving offers the World’s Finest local moving services!  We’re not just licensed and insured. That’s the bare minimum. We’ve raised the standard in the industry by delivering a truly first class moving experience complete with high-caliber employee hiring standards, first-in-class training, and a “My Pleasure” level of customer care.  Our team of mission-oriented movers are ready to work with a purpose in order to make your moving mission a successful operation.

Our Local Moving Services

1. Residential

Studio Apartments to 4BR townhouses to 10 Bedroom Single Family homes.

2. Packing

Do you really want to pack all of your boxes and belongings too?  Delegate the mission to us and our team of professionals will handle your items with care.

3. Boxes and Supplies

Pickup your order of boxes from us or schedule our team to deliver the supplies needed to pack your belongings.

4. Labor Only

Need assistance loading or unloading a U-haul, Budget, or Penske rental truck?  Need some Marine-Power to load or unload your POD, ABF, or mobile storage container?  It would be our pleasure to provide the muscles to help make it happen.

5. Storage

We can load/unload from any self storage, or you can take advantage of our in-house Valet Storage.

6. Furniture Delivery Service

Purchase some items from a store or another party?  Hire our team to make the transfer of those items a simple process.

7. Commercial Moving

Whether you need a small fire team or a Company of 100+ Veterans, we’ve got your commercial moving needs covered.

When you Hire Two Marines Moving you can expect:

  • Our team:  A good team compliments and supports each other.  We work as a team to make your move a successful mission.
  • Professionals:  We conduct ourselves as professionals.  You can expect our team to present themselves in a manner that reflects the values we stand for.
  • Punctuality: We pride ourselves on being on time or early. On the rare occasion there is an exception you can expect us to communicate early and keep you informed of our expected arrival time.
  • Insured and Licensed: We think this is a bare minimum standard.  But yes, we meet or exceed all local, state, and Federal licensing and insurance requirements.
  • Upfront and honest estimates with no hidden fees

Local Move FAQ

Does Two Marines Moving charge a deposit for local moves?

Yes, Two Marines Moving charges a $200 deposit for local moves. The $200 will be deducted from your total upon the completion of your moving mission. There is no penalty to reschedule for another date/time provided this is done 4 days prior to the scheduled move. The deposit is non-refundable if you decide to completely cancel. Note: During busy periods our schedule can fill up weeks in advance.  We ask that you give us as much notice as possible when requesting to shift a scheduled move.

How long will my local move take?

We never know exactly how long a move will take; that’s why we always charge for the amount of time worked.  Every single move is different! The time to complete a 1-bedroom apartment with an exactly identical furniture list can vary drastically based on what floor the apartment is on, the level of thoroughness of the customer’s packing, the size of elevators, the ability to reserve an elevator so other tenants aren’t using it, and the distance to the truck from the front door. Because of these variables we provide an estimate based on an AVERAGE of similar moves.  There is a 50% chance your move will cost less than the average, and a 50% chance it will cost more than the average. Regardless, you can rest assured that we will only charge for the time worked, no more and no less! Rest assured that our crews will always move with a mission-oriented purpose. It’s fair for you and us. Click here to request a quote for your move .

How much will my local move cost?

The primary factor influencing the price of your move is the amount of hours our crew works on your site.  The Company charges down to the minute, so you only pay for the time worked. Remember, nobody is going to out-hustle Two Marines Moving!   There is also a Truck & Equipment Fee & Fuel Fee. A moving consultant will be happy to provide you with a customized estimate and any any of your questions.  Please fill out our estimate request form to receive an estimate from the “World’s Finest”. Click here to request a quote for your move .

Do you provide in-home estimates for local moves?

Yes, Two Marines Moving provides in-home estimates for certain moves. An estimator will visit your residence or office to answer your questions and take notes on the specifics of your mission if you have a 3,500 sq. ft (a 4BR House) or larger dwelling.  All of our moving consultants are prior (and current) movers, so they’ll be able to assist you as a seasoned representative of The Company. Our pricing for local moves whether an estimator visits your residence or not, is based on an hourly rate. We only charge for the time worked, no more and no less! It’s fair to you and fair to us.

Can you “pencil my move in”?

No.  We’d love to be able to pencil your move into our calendar, but the deposit confirms things on both sides.  It’s our commitment to you that our crew will see you on move day. And it’s your commitment to us that you’ve selected Two Marines Moving as your mover of choice, allowing us to do all the behind-the-scenes work to make your moving mission a success!

What happens if a truck breaks down or a driver calls in sick?

Don’t worry. Another truck and/or trained crew will soon arrive, where and when they’re needed.

What factors affect the price of my local move?

Number of flights of stairs – Distance of walk from the truck to the load or unload location – The amount of time it takes to load and unload your items – Driving time from the load to the unload location – Freight elevator or passenger elevator – Reserved Elevator or Open Elevator – Cleanliness/tidiness of work site – Traffic – Packing Preparation

Will my homeowners insurance cover my belongings?

No.  99.9% of homeowner policies do not cover damages occur during a move because of the high risk nature inherently involved.  To protect your belongings, first hire Two Marines Moving. The typical moving company has a 20% claims rate. Our damage claim rate is South of 3%.  But we can’t and don’t guarantee that damage will not occur. For that reason we offer Full Level Valuation to protect your belongings. And because we have such a low damage claims rate we are able to offer Valuation for a fraction of our competitor’s prices! Please ask one of our Moving Consultants for details.

Why is Two Marines Moving the Best in the Business?

You have to be able to trust the people you invite to work in your home.  We take great pride in hiring from amongst those that have served our country.  Our troops know the meaning of mission accomplishment, integrity, and the value of hard work.   Our company policies promote the assurance that your job will be completed right and without damages.  We even provide incentives to every mover at Two Marines Moving. When they go 20 consecutive moves without a damage, they receive a bonus.  If they damage an item, they start back over at zero. From the people we hire to our policies, Two Marines Moving does the hard work to make your moving mission a smooth process.

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