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Valet Storage

Two Marines Moving offers cost-effective moving and storage solutions.  Need storage solutions for a few weeks, months, or even years?  We’ve got you covered!
Two Marines Moving provides the truck, muscles, and the appropriate number of storage vaults that best fit your needs. We’ll deliver the containers, load them, and bring them back to our secure and meticulously maintained warehouse for safe keeping. Simply give us a call when you are ready for a delivery and we’ll schedule your unload.

Benefits of Valet Storage

With  traditional self-storage your furniture and items must be loaded into the truck, unloaded into the self-storage unit, eventually loaded back into the truck, and finally handled into your new location.
With Two Marines Moving the labor time is cut by 50%….saving you $$! You don’t have to pay for the extra handling of your belongings because two of those steps are eliminated when using Valet Storage.  This also has the benefit of  reducing the risk of damages (the less handling there is, the less chance there is for items to be dropped, scratched, etc).

Valet Storage Process

  1. Request a Free Estimate
  2. Email and talk with a moving consultant at Two Marines Moving to receive questions to your answers, get the solution that best fits your needs, decide on the number of storage vaults necessary, and get pricing/estimate information
  3. A moving team delivers container(s) to your residence or business in one of our specially designed trucks
  4. Two Marines Moving carefully loads the container with your belongings by protecting all furniture with heavy duty moving blankets and per our Standard Operating Procedures
  5. Our flexible Valet Storage option allows for warehouse storage for as little as a few days or for as long as you’d like.
  6. You’re items are protected under our watchful eye in one of our secure warehouse facilities.
  7. When you’re ready to have your items, or a portion of them delivered, just contact us and we’ll schedule a team to handle it for you.

Each container is sized to hold 1 to 1.5 rooms’ worth of furniture (40-50 medium boxes). One of our moving consultants can help you determine the number of containers you’ll need. Our containers measure 5′x7′x7’5″ (LxWxH) feet. That measures out to about 275 cubic feet. 

ContainersHolds AboutCubic Feet
1-2Dorm room to small studio275-550
2-41 Bedroom APT550-1,100
3-52 Bedroom APT825-1,375
5-93 Bedroom Townhouse1,375-2,475
6-103 Bedroom Single Family House1,650-2,750
10-164 Bedroom Single Family House2,750-4,400
16-255 Bedroom Single Family House4,400-6,875
Need more? The beauty of our containers is that you can order as many as you need. What does it cost?
  1. Monthly cost per vault
  2. $9 per month per container for Full Valuation enhanced protection (optional)
  3. $1.50 monthly for each high quality double stitched moving blanket. We advise approximately 6-12  blankets per container.
  4. Your labor costs to load/unload the units will be determined by the amount of time it takes to safely move and secure your belongings. Fill out our request-a-quote form online or give us a call for the finest details.

Valet Storage FAQ


What is Valet Storage?

We’re all familiar with the traditional storage model, where customers bring their belongings to a facility, rent a storage space, and then load the unit themselves. Most people have also heard of mobile storage, which involves a company bringing a large storage container to a customer’s property to either leave onsite or bring back to the warehouse for long term storage. Imagine something in between the two and the best of both worlds.  We bring our Storage Vaults to your home or office, load them, complete an inventory, and bring them back to warehouse for secure storage. Our Storage Vaults measure 7x5x7 feet. The Storage Vaults are rented individually, rent one or two dozen, depending on your storage needs.

What are the advantages of Valet Storage?


  • Each Storage Vault is sizable enough to fit a couple of rooms worth of furniture and boxes.  The system is modular and tailored to your needs, meaning you can rent however many you need.  Decluttering your home might only require one Storage Vault while storage for a 4 Bedroom Single Family House might require significantly more Storage Vaults. You can scale the number of Storage Vaults up or down as your storage needs evolve over time.  

Save Time & Money

  • Paying a moving company to load your items into traditional self-storage involves the double handling of your household goods.  It has to be loaded into the truck, transported to the self-storage facility, and then the company has to be paid for the unload.  It’s reversed to pull your items out of self storage. With Valet Storage at Two Marines Moving we bring the Storage Vaults to you,  we load the Storage Vaults inside the truck, and that’s it! We bring each Storage Vault to our secure warehouse where a forklift operator pulls the Storage Vault out of the truck and places it for storage until you’re ready to see it again.

On Demand Pickup and Drop-Off Service

  • You can come to our warehouse to retrieve items 7 days a week.   If your schedule does not allow for a trip to our warehouse, Two Marines Moving is always more than happy to deliver your items directly to you.

How does billing work?

Billing is completed once a month on the anniversary date that your storage arrived in our secure warehouse.  All charges are set up on a recurring basis and continue until your household or office goods exit our facility.

Are my items insured?

Your items are insured against fire, water, and wind.  We highly suggest purchasing Valuation to protect your items against other types of damage.

Are my items safe?

Yes. Your items are being protected by U.S. Marines in our warehouse. Only our employees have access to our secure warehouse, as we don’t sublease or commingle your items with those from other companies’ operations.

Can I go to the warehouse and access/drop things off myself?

Yes.  We are open 7 days a week from 0700 to 1900 (7:00 pm.)  Please contact us via email or a phone call so that we may have your Storage Vaults prepared, out front and center for you.

What can and can’t I store?

Flammables, plants, food, live animals, hazardous materials, or wet items are not allowed in our Storage Vaults.  Just about everything else is fair game. If you have a specific question about an item, please ask one of our Moving Consultants.

How much will it cost me?

The monthly cost depends upon the number of Storage Vaults needed and the TMM location in which your items are stored.  Charges are not prorated. There is a nominal monthly fee per blanket rental. Blankets can also be purchased from Two Marines Moving for your convenience.

What is the size of a TMM Storage Vault?

Each Storage Vault measures 7′ tall x 5′ wide x 7′ length.  That’s 245 cubic feet per Storage Vault. You can rent as few as 1 and as many as 100, depending upon your storage requirements.

How do I know how many Storage Vaults I will need?

Allow one of our expert Moving Consultants to be of assistance.  You can always obtain a free estimate by completing our Request-An-Estimate-Form.  If you end up getting more containers than you need on move day, you’ll only be charged for the storage containers you use. You’ll never be charged for Storage Vaults you don’t use.

Can a Storage Vault be left onsite at my house or office?


Will Two Marines Moving load the Storage Vaults for me?

Yes, one call does it all!  Sit back and allow us to do the heavy lifting for you.

How do I schedule a move and storage together?

Please complete an estimate request on our web-site.  One of our Moving Consultants will promptly return your request with an estimate and answers to your questions.  Alternatively, you can call us during our business hours. (M-F 8:00 to 7:00 & SS 10:00 to 4:00).